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High Energy Herbal Tea


Our Herbal Tea blend is a 100% natural high energy herbal tea. A mellow steady...

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Product Description

Our Herbal Tea blend is a 100% natural high energy herbal tea.

A mellow steady flow of energy that translates into focus and endurance. Number two is more of a blast of high energy that is much stronger and it should be used for working out and other high energy activities. It is great for hiking, skiing running anytime u need a blast of high energy then Stampede is the only way to go. Without a doubt this magical blend of powerful herbs while being 100% natural is one of the most powerful energy drinks that u can buy

The principals behind these blends is based upon giving the body a high dose of assimilatable nutrients in a natural format while at the same time increasing the body's ability to absorb oxygen. For such a simple concept the results are unbelievable. Most energy drinks act like a drug in the body instead of working with the body by supplying different nutrients that the body really needs to function at top capacity.



When you look at all the energy drinks on the market today the one thing that they all have in common is that they are all caffeine injected blends of sugar water and artificial flavors with chemical preservatives, stabilizers, and artificial food coloring.

WildHorse Energy Blends rely entirely on the power of ancient herbs in their naturally structured state. The difference for the consumer is in the health benefits as well as the length of sustained and harmonious energy provided.

This powerful Herbal Blend is not for everybody,and should not be used by anyone suffering from Heart Conditions, High Blood Pressure, or any type of kidney or bladder problems. WildHorse is perfectly safe when used as directed. 


This proprietary blend of powerful botanical herbs should be prepared and consumed as directed. Because some of these herbs contain a high amount of nutrients, this botanical blend should never be boiled as that will not only destroy some of the delicate nutrients, but it may also destroy some of the balancing alkaloids. Do not drink if you have any medical conditions.

Brew one to two Tablespoons in a pint of warm water. Let sit for 10 minutes. Blend in a high speed blender for thirty seconds and then strain. Sweeten to taste. Add a lemon and cayenne. Enjoy an 8 oz glass & refrigerate the rest. These are very powerful herbs and 8oz a day is the recommended daily amount.



•  Yerba mate
•  MaHuang
•  Moringa
•  Guranna

    Our tea combines power herbs from three different continents; China, Africa, and South America.

    The main ingredient has been used as a healing herb for the treatment of asthma because it opens up the bronchial tubes allowing the body to process more oxygen. It was also used by the ancient Chinese Monks who invented Kung Fu to enhance their energy levels and bring about a heightened sense of awareness and mental clarity.

    Enhances male performance, strength, and endurance. It has been used by martial artists for centuries. Many myths and legends surround this herb, one of the main ones being that old men take it to live a longer life but when they get weary of being in this world, then they stop taking it so that they can allow their bodies to die.

    A powerful aphrodisiac by ancient medicine men since the dawn of time.

    South America: 
    A mild stimulant by the Mayan tribes from ancient times until the present. It has many naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, and anti-aging phytonutrients.



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