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Herbs are much more powerful than vegetables.

Great examples of this are that most of the energy drinks now being sold to contain some  components derived from the herbs but they no longer have the ability to impart to you the nutritional benefit you would get from using the whole raw plant. Most of the nutrients and vitamins have simply been destroyed in the extraction process.

They contain a multitude of nutrients and trace minerals. In the whole raw plant these nutrients and trace minerals are present in a natural concentrated format. Our herbal tea blends are made from the raw unheated, sun dried whole plant. When you partake of one of our herbal tea blends, you are getting a blast of nutrient dense high-octane fuel that the body can easily assimilate. 

We do not buy extracted active ingredients nor extract them ourselves. Removing the active ingredients through various extraction processes, (mostly through heat processes using various chemicals or gases) destroys or damages even the active ingredients. 

Here is the main reason why Wild Horse Herbal Energy Teas are so much better than all the other current energy drinks on the market today.

Most energy drinks contain many of the following ingredients:

Caramel Food Coloring
Sodium Citrate and an Acid Regulator
Carbonated Water
Citric Acid
High-Fructose Corn Syrup + Dextrose
Sodium Benzoate 
Sorbic Acid 
Potassium Sorbate 
Benzoic Acid 
Sordid Acid
Milk Thistle Extract

As an alternative... we use great herbs such as: 


A leafy herb in Wild Horse Teas. Moringa is rich in an amino acid (a protein) called Taurine. Moringa also has niacin which is in the vitamin B complex group. It is one of the only plants on the planet that contain vitamin B12 in a formate that the body can easily as simulate. Not only does Moringa have these nutrients it has a whole host of other ones still in a natural easily assimilated format. 

Guarana Seeds

An herb in its whole food format as opposed to an extract which throws the balance of this very powerful herb out of whack. 


A very powerful anti inflammatory herb. Many of us suffer from inflammation from one degree to another, this happens without us even realizing it. But once that chronic debilitating condition is taken away it is as different as night and day. 

Country Mallow

This herb has been used for over 5,000 years to treat shortness of breath. It opens up the bronchial tubes and allows the body to receive oxygen on the cellular level. The energy released from this one herb is amazing and when taken in conjunction with the other herbs in Wild Horse the results are nothing less than amazing.


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