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Our Ingredients

WildHorse herbal energy tea is made from a one hundred percent natural herbal blend. Some of the herbs used in this proprietary blend have been used by ancients healers for over five thousand years. There are a lot of energy drinks on the market today and even though some of them contain some components derived from herbal components they are no longer have the ability to impart to you the benefit that you would get from using the whole plant.

Herbs are much more powerful than vegetables and they contain a multitude of nutrients and trace minerals that are present in a almost concentrated format, most of these nutrients and vitamins are destroyed in the extraction process of removing the active ingredients.

Our herbal tea blends are made from the raw I heated whole plant that has been sun dried. So when you partake of anyone of our herbal energy tea blends you are getting a blast of nutrient dense high octane fuel that the body can easily as assimilate.

For instance Country Mallow has been used for over five thousand years to treat asthma. It opens up the bronchial tubes and allows the body to receive oxygen on a cellular level. The energy released from this one herb is amazing and when taken in conjunction with the other herbs the results are nothing less than amazing.

Moringa is another herb that we use in this formula because it is one of the few plants on the planet that contain vitamin B-12 in a format that the human body can easily assimilate. Tumeric is a very powerful anti inflammatory herb. Most of us suffer from inflammation from one degree to another, this happens without us even realizing it. But once that chronic debilitating condition is taken away it is as different as night and day.

These herbs are all being presented in their natural state. They have not been heated because the heating process would destroy a lot of their nutrients. And even though they are being presented as a herbal tea it is our recommendation that you do a cold brew instead of boiling them.

Just place three tablespoons in a quart of cold water and then place in a refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours. Then place the whole mixture in a high speed blender and blend for 3o seconds strain and sweeten to taste. I like to blend almond milk and honey with crushed ice to make a energy latte. This blend should be sipped very slowly because it will be stronger than any energy tea on the market today. You can vary the amount of tea used to suit your own individual taste.

To get the full benefit from these herbal mixture it is recommended that you workout after using them.

To get the full benefit from these herbal mixture it is recommended that you workout after using them.

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